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                    Cylindrical helical spring and disc spring   TEL:13606149951
                    Changzhou keda Iraq spring manufacturing co., LTD is a professional manufacturing enterprise, emerging the elastic element of this increasingly former changzhou spring factory co., LTD., all of the resources, the original market, technology, management, personnel, equipment, test measurement means to integrate, and established by injection of ample liquidity, founded in August 2017, The registered capital of the company is 5 million yuan, the company implements the general manager responsibility system management mode, with the help of private enterprises strict cost control, harsh management rewards and punishments, the style of doing things, practical and realistic humanistic care to open up the situation. The company main products are two series of cylindrical helical spring, disk spring, most specifications varieties, the main products for the Chinese OEM, dongfeng agricultural machinery, Eaton electrical, Pacific power, Karl mayer textile machinery and other dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises host form a complete set, supporting range throughout the machinery, engine, automobile, agricult...

                    Contact: Mr. Wu
                    Cell phone: 13606149951
                    Phone: 0519-85189882
                    Mailbox: cz827091@163.com
                    Address: No. 7 Hongyang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou

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